Does Mike's Hard Seltzer have less calories than other alcoholic beverages?

On average, Mike's has 58% fewer calories than leading RTDs and 62% fewer calories than leading white wines. You can see the comparison here.


What is the alcohol in Mike's Hard Seltzer?

Mike's alcohol source is a natural grain spirit that has been five-times distilled.


How many calories are in Mike's Hard Seltzer and what are the ingredients?

There are 100 kcal per can of Mike's, 2g of carbs, and 5% ABV. Mike's ingredients are purified water, five-times distilled spirit, natural flavours, sugar, citric acid and sodium citrate. There are 1.65 UK units per can. Each can is 330ml.


Is Mike's Hard Seltzer gluten free and vegan?

Yes! Mike's is 100% gluten free and vegan.


Where can I find Mike's Hard Seltzer?

In addition to being able to order Mike's online on our website, you can get Mike's in store and online at Morrisons, Tesco, Ocado, SkinnyBooze, as well as other retailers in the UK.


Do you use artificial sweeteners in Mike's Hard Seltzer?

No! We do not use any artificial sweeteners. We use a touch of sugar. There are 2g per can.