Top 5 Best Spots to Drink Outdoors in the UK

After what seems to have been the longest of winters, the sun has finally made an appearance - just in time for covid restrictions relaxing. 


Since herds of people have returned to pubs and securing a booking has become harder than getting a Glastonbury ticket, it might be worth considering taking it back to basics and heading for these beauty spots across the UK for an al fresco Mike’s Hard Seltzer.


1. Waxham Beach, Norfolk

Waxham Beach, Norfolk uk sand sea

Grassy dunes and soft yellow sands line this beach on the Norfolk coast. 

Lesser known than the busier tourist beaches nearby, Waxham has a more peaceful vibe and is just as popular with seals as it is with people. 

A perfect spot for getting back to nature and enjoy Mike’s real fruit flavours.. 

2. London Fields, East London

London Fields Hackney UK East London

London fields might not be the prettiest of the city’s parks, however the party atmosphere here on a sunny day is hard to beat as Hackney residents flock to nearby Broadway Market to stock up on street food and crack open a few cans on the grass. By mid afternoon this place ends up feeling like a festival, plus - the shops nearby stock our hard seltzer.

3. Hyde Park, Leeds

Hyde Parks Leeds UK

This spot is favoured by students living in the city centre and is a go to for summer hang outs. 

Relax here during the day, and attempt the famous Headingley Mile pub crawl at night. 

4. Foxton Locks, Leicestershire 

Foxton Locks, Leicestershire UK

Find a patch of grass and watch the barges make their way through this busy canal. 

This unusual flight of ten 200-year-old locks are Britain's largest and are the perfect setting if you like a more peaceful pace of life. 

5. Dovestone Reservoir, Manchester

Dovestone Reservoir, Manchester UK

Sparkling water, framed by dark trees with a backdrop of rugged hills; Dovestone reservoir looks like somewhere from the set of Lord of the Rings. Sit atop one of the slopes with a Mike’s in hand and take in views of the Peak District and beyond. 

Remember, if you head for a picnic in any of these spots, make sure you drink responsibly, leave no trace and take all your litter with you when you head home. 


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