How many calories in alcohol?

Making healthy choices can be hard, especially when you want to wind down and treat yourself to a drink or two. Some alcoholic drinks are a hiding place for excess calories, and certain tipples can have hundreds floating around in them. 

If you want to limit the number of calories you’re consuming, follow this guide to the different types of drink and the calories they contain.


We often reach for a glass of wine (or two!) to go with our dinner, but calories in a large glass can be up 230 - that’s the same as a portion of ice cream!

Dryer white wines such as Sauvingon Blans and Pinot Grigio tend to be around 15% lower in calories than the rest. 


Glass of White Wine


Because of their high sugar content, some beers can have a really high calorie content - especially stouts and ales. Some premium lagers contain over 330 calories, whilst smaller bottles come in at around 150. 


Lager beer poured in a glass with foam


Spirits are obviously enjoyed in smaller measures which will limit any calorie intake depending on what mixers you choose. A single shot of gin or vodka contains 50 calories, whilst dark spirits like rum and whiskey are slightly higher. 

Mixing these with soda water or diet coke will keep calories lower, whereas fruit juices and sodas such as lemonade can add at least 150 calories. 


Multiple bottles of spirits on a bar, each containing different calorie counts


Often it’s the sugar syrups and juices that add to the calorie count of your favourite cocktails. Those with the highest content include Long Island Iced Tea (680 calories), Margarita (550 calories) and Pina Colada (610 calories). They’re basically a dessert in a tiny glass. 

If you want to choose cocktails that are a little healthier, opt for Bloody Mary, Mojito or Dark and Stormy which are all under 150 calories. 


3 homemade cocktails with different colours


All Mike’s Hard Seltzer flavours contain 100 calories and 2g sugar. As well as being made with real fruit flavours, Mike’s is also vegan and gluten free, so offers a balanced option for you to enjoy whether you’re watching your calorie count or not. Plus with Mike’s you don’t need a cocktail shaker, ice or even a glass!


Can of Mike's black cherry hard seltzer next to glass of seltzer poured over ice

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